About Us

Origin & History

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The founder-chairman Sh. Shyamlal Kumawat laid the foundation of Alok Sansthan on 29th, June 1967 at Panchwati, Udaipur to make purposeful contribution to society by way of providing valuable educational services to the student fraternity. The Institution was initiated under the aegis of Rashtriya Shiksha Samiti, Udaipur and has grown with a vision that created one of the greatest educational places in the history of school education in Udaipur and the region.

The visionary Shri Shyamlal Kumawat started from a humble beginning with only 111 students and a handful of faculty members with limited resources, accessories and facilities at a place called Panchwati in city of Udaipur. Progressively leading through the path of success the institution opened another branch in July 1976 at Hiran Magri, Sector 11, Udaipur with the sky high ideals, Indian values, traditions and culture with a commitment towards excellence and quality. Now, today it has taken the huge shape of a vibrant, dynamic and responsible institution in school education within the region. Subsequently, Alok institution came with its third branch at Fathepura, Udaipur in the year 1984 and later on fourth branch in the year 2001 at Rajsamand district.

Our Philosophy

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Today, Alok institution stands apart and possess a distinguished platform, as a great educational success. This could be achieved simply by virtue of the quality teaching methodology and pure philosophy of sanskar, values that Alok Institution has evolved, developed and implemented over the years. it is justifiably rated among the best institution of region offering an array of highly effective learning and result oriented school education at all levels.

It has been 44 years in serving & guiding students in fulfilling their dream to build bright career and enhanced living. Since beginning its objective is to enable each student to be a youth dedicated to learning, nation, society and family with moral values and superior characters, and to achieve success in learning & knowledge with overall development of children through education.

The academic and co-curricular achievements of “Alok Institution students have placed the school amongst the foremost educational institutions of the state of Rajasthan. Its students participate in a record number of national and international activities organized to broaden their horizons and in particular to equip them with an international outlook and a global vision.

The cornerstone of Alok Institution educational philosophy is a firm belief in the statement ’Tamasah Parastat’. “Alok Institution believes that the school has the most important role in shaping human potential. A modern school must, therefore act as a light house of society, providing meaningful education, spiritual direction, guidance and leadership traits students, parents and society. We believe that the destiny of man is shaped in the classroom. we are preparing children for a world outside the classroom that is constantly changing and challenging.

It is no longer enough for workers to learn one set of skills and hope that would keep them on their jobs for a life time. The highly competitive global economy expects employees to adopt new technical skills, or they will be left behind. “Alok Institution creates lifetime learners who are trained to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge. “Alok Institution students are conscious of their own strengths and weaknesses. They want to learn all the time because they are involved in competition with themselves and not with someone else. Living up to the school motto of….'Atma Deepo Bhava' which means “be your own light” 'Atma Deepo Bhava' is the philosophy of the Institution. Accordingly, its ideology is to develop scientific temper along with introspection of one's own self. Keeping both these points it builds an ideal citizen. When a person being his own light from within and innerself, external light will never be required for enlightenment of a human being” said Gautam Buddha once to his disciples.