Message from Director's Desk

“We believe that 'ignited young minds' charged with eternal values of India is the resource the country needs today to build a better tomorrow and this is our guiding thought at Alok Institution. “ We see the, school and our people, as a larger community we have a responsibility to the world around us. The Alok Institution prides itself of its infrastructure capability to bring about the change in all stages of school education.

Alok Institution is an Institution that encourages community living, in which teachers are friends, philosophers and guides.

Alok Institution is a place where living, learning and socializing are merged into one providing maximum exposure for interaction between the students and the faculty members.

This when translated in physical terms finds its manifestation in the series of programmes and Activities, Mega Events, Traditions, Cultural Shows, Spirituality, Social Recognition, Films for Society as Edutainment that Alok Institution has been able to develop and deliver so far and made the region follow the path of respecting the traditions, values, culture, environment.

It respects the environment everything it does and eco-friendly work culture practices, students learn green, energy saving practices and create awareness all over the society through a league of social service & environmental awareness then the message is taken to every home, local community and beyond.

This is quite in tune with the needs and requirements of today's advanced education system world over. Alok institution’s various academic & non–academic initiatives have already been accredited by the state and nation. Further, ours is the group of schools in the Rajasthan providing perhaps the largest number and variety of activities, programmes & events for continuing the quality education in School education domain designed uniquely with a Indian values & global perspective through interaction.

Dr. Pradeep Kumawat
Director (Alok Institution)